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National Chung Hsing University

Graduate Institute of Statistics

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Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Department of Applied Mathematics at NCHU was established in 1961 and was Taiwan’s first Applied Mathematics department. This department has over 40 years of development behind it and, therefore, has strong mathematics courses, library resources, and plenty of computers and software available. The graduates of the department have received much praise for their level of education upon leaving the program. In order to comply with the needs of the technological and industrial communities, the departmental courses and researches will always adapt to them. Hence, the department will focus on educating in applied analysis, applied statistics, applied mechanics, development and applications of mathematic statistical models, and computer skills. This department is one of the nation’s best at uniting the use of computers and applied mathematics.
In 1981, the department established a master’s program and in 1988 set up a doctorate program as well. The post-graduate program has seen growth every year and the program sets national mathematics and applied mathematics graduate program enrollment records every year.


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