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National Chung Hsing University

Graduate Institute of Molecular Biology

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50% taught in English

Our current research interests include: 1. Functional genomics, pathogenesis, and associated-phage biology of Xanthomonas; 2. Metabolic regulation, expression of enzymes, and protein engineering of industrial micro-organisms; 3. Locus determination and study of gene inheritance of maize; 4. Plant tissue culture, regulation of gene expression and genetically engineered plants as bio-reactors; 5. Antibody engineering, manufacture of antibodies, and search of antigenicity determinants; 6. Transcriptional regulation of human genes; 7. Molecular medical research of cancer and human diseases; 8. Development and application of microarray gene chips.
Our curriculum contains six core courses and a variety of optional courses, so students can develop their own chosen areas. In addition, the Institute invites scholars and specialists from home and abroad as guest lecturers to broaden faculty and students’ visions and interests.


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