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Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

Department of Foreign Language Instruction

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English

Department of Foreign Language Instruction
Undergraduate Program
Day Division, 4-year College

Academic Objectives
The Department of Foreign Language Instruction emphasizes the acquisition of
professional knowledge, teaching skills, and the formation of sound work ethics to cultivate professional personnel in foreign language teaching. Students will acquire a solid academic foundation to enable them to pave the way for better foreign language teaching quality in Taiwan.

Curriculum Features
Our courses largely focus on training students to teach foreign languages, and to design foreign language curriculum and multimedia materials. Courses include enhanced competence in two foreign languages, expertise in language teaching in theory and practice, cultural and cross-cultural communication courses, implementation of instructional technology in language teaching, literature for children and young adults, testing and evaluation of foreign language learning, and domestic and overseas internships. The department curriculum design has the following features:
★Courses are taught with English as the medium of instruction
★Encourages language and professional certification
★Stresses language teaching theories and practice
★In addition to English, students are encouraged to learn another language such as French, German, Japanese, or one of the Southeastern languages.
★Encourages domestic or overseas internship
★Gives students choices to enroll in the teacher education program or take other language courses to develop additional specialty

Future Prospects
Graduates of the department can choose various careers or pursue higher degrees. They can teach English or work in related fields, such as foreign language teaching, foreign language curriculum design, books/teaching aid design, and research and development of high-tech educational tools. In addition, students who have completed the additional teacher education program can become qualified candidates for elementary school teaching positions after completing the internship and having passed the certification.


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