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National University of Kaohsiung

Department of Applied Economics應用經濟學系

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Development Characteristics
► The Department nurtures students with economic awareness and analytical skills by integrating theory and practice, and instills students with a broad view and interest in society, economics, politics, and management.
► The Department offers a wide range of courses in three major areas: Industrial and Management Economics, Regional and Development Economics, and Government and Public Policy Economics. Students are encouraged to gain knowledge in a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects across the University.
► The Department offers master degree in economics, and provides students with complete training in economics and management
► To focus on teaching research and practical approaches.
► To provide training and skills essential to the needs in the regional development.
► To offer basic courses for other academic departments in the University, such the Department of Law, Department of Economic and Financial Law, and Department of Finance, etc.
Postgraduate Opportunities
■ Advanced Degree Study

Graduates may choose to pursue an advanced degree program in Taiwan or abroad.
■ Career Opportunities

Graduates may choose to pursue careers in finance and banking, insurance, consulting, information technology, academic research, or government.

Future Outlook
To initiate interdisciplinary cooperation with related departments across the University, such as the Department of Economic and Financial Law, Department of Western Languages and Literature, Institute of Statistics, and Institute of Urban Development and Architecture, and to initiate interdisciplinary cooperation with other universities and colleges in Taiwan and abroad.


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Office of International Affairs
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