University & Program

National University of Kaohsiung

Department of East Asian Language and Literature東亞語文學系

Program Level
Language of instruction
Others: Japanese Language, Vietnamese Language and Ko
Fall / Spring

Development Characteristics
► Cultivating talents of foreign trade and economics to meet the needs of regional economical envelopment and integration.
► Cultivating talents of international with international views to attend senior civil service examinations, such as trade and economic professionals and diplomats.
► Encouraging students to enroll in teacher education programm and cultivating professional secondary school language teachers.
► Cultivating researchers and moving forward to postgraduate programs.

■ Targets of Language Education
► Cultivating advanced East Asian language professionals equipped with research ability
► Equipping students with an international vision, independence and adaptability to the changing global environment
► Nurturing talents of humanities and social sciences and enhancing their understanding of professional ethics
► Enhancing higher education in the research domains of foreign languages, humanities and social sciences
► Cultivating teachers for applied East Asian languages, humanities and social sciences

■ Development of Professional (Research) Abilities
► Application of languages, humanities and social sciences
► Communication and expression
► Combined application of applied languages, humanities and social sciences, and high technology (like calculators and computers)
► Data collection and integration; applied analysis
► Advanced communication skills in international occasions and an international vision for multiculturalism
► Rational thinking: problem-solving; innovative thinking: self-learning


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