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National Taiwan Normal University

East Asian Studies

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Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
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Others: PhD program provide English courses
Fall / Spring

we emphasize the importance of teaching, research, and services with our faculty members and expect them to take on full tasks and responsibilities as university teachers and keep up with the world trends and pace. With regard to student training, we aim to equip our students with “independent thinking abilities, enthusiastic spirits, responsible attitudes, excellent teamwork, international viewpoints, and appropriate manners and behaviors”. Our curriculum emphasizes relevant research and analysis of East Asia. Moreover, we aim to improve students’ professional knowledge and capabilities in sinology, culture, politics, and economics and to contribute to related governmental policy planning and implementation. We also highlight students’ foreign language training to enhance their competitive advantage. As far as academic research and practices are concerned, our research scopes include sinology; East Asian history, culture, thoughts, politics, economics, and trade; and business administration and related areas with a focus on the East Asian region. We emphasize these areas with a focus on information collection, the ability to analyze and apply the findings to the related fields to increase interactions among industrial sectors, governmental agencies, research findings, and teaching. Further, we seek to improve the internationalization and reputation of our department.


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