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National Cheng Kung University

Inst. of Information Management (資訊管理研究所) (Master)

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Above 90% taught in English

In view of the booming of information technology and the advent of the era of the knowledge economy, the demand for enterprise electronic strategy planning and management talents with management literacy is growing. National Cheng Kung University established the Master of Information Management Institute in the Republic of China in 1987 to train the country. High-end information management talents in the enterprise; and further established a doctoral degree in asset management in 1994 to cultivate talents with academic research capabilities, continue the teaching depth of the Institute, and complete the information management higher education system of the school. Develop more information management professionals in academia and business.
In order to achieve the above educational mission, the educational goals of the master's and doctoral programs of this institute are:
Educational Goal:
Explore topics related to basic and emerging information management systems.
Guide students to share what they have learned and what they think through seminars and collaborative learning.
Improve student information management skills to become an expert or business leader in the field in the future.


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