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National Cheng Kung University

National Cheng Kung University

Inst. of Molecular Medicine (分子醫學研究所) (Master)

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To enhance students in developing their career goals, the aims of our education are 1) to motivate students’ interests in biotechnology and integration with molecular medicine and translational research, and 2) to increase their skill in biomedical research and ambition in international competition.
While biomedical science research as well as biomolecular and biotechnology research are active and well established in Taiwan, an integration of basic sciences (molecular biology and biotechnology) with clinical sciences (development of early diagnosis, understanding of disease mechanisms, intervention of disease progress, and therapeutic treatment of diseases) for health benefits are still needed to be developed and promoted.
The IMM is committed to (1) the integration of basic molecular science with applied clinical sciences via translational research, (2) integrated education, and (3) multidisciplinary trainings.
While our educational base is board, our research is focused onto urgent health issues in Taiwan: cancer and infectious diseases. It is also our hope and goal that trainees at IMM are not only aimed to distinguish themselves in Taiwan but will also acquire strong international views and global concepts during their trainings. Both intramural teamwork and extramural networkings (both national and international) will also be strong characteristics of our institution. We believe that IMM will represent not only as an unique educational and research institute in NCKU, it will also be a very much needed institute for the training of second generation of medical researchers for Taiwan and the world.


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