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National Sun Yat-sen University

Department of Oceanography (Master Degree)

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The Department of Oceanography at National Sun Yat-sen University officially dates from August 1, 2013 by the merging of formerly the Institute of Marine Biology (established in 1981) and the Institute of Marine Geology and Chemistry (established in 1985). Additional faculty members from the fields of physical and biological oceanography within the college of Marine Sciences join the Department to provide personnel of all major disciplines. The existing faculty members have active research programs in the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, East China Sea, western Pacific Ocean, and coastal waters around Taiwan, along with other regions in the world through international collaborations. In addition to basic researches, the faculty members are involved in outreach projects related to coastal conservation and restoration, ocean ranching, marine waste disposal and contaminant transfer.

The Department offers three degrees to students from all countries: Bachelor Science (B.S.), Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). The undergraduate program aims to educate the students with a core of required courses, including the four basic disciplines of oceanography-physical, chemical, biological, and geological oceanography, with emphasis on sea-going capability. For graduate studies, the curriculum are designed to train professionals in the fields of Marine Biology, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Geology/Geological Oceanography, and Physical Oceanography, as well as interdisciplinary studies involving multiple oceanographic fields.


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