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National Sun Yat-sen University

Department of Business Management (Bachelor Degree)

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Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

The goal of business management department is to train students to have excellent management talents with four key capacities or characteristics: professional business skills, business ethics, a global vision, and Taiwanese or community identity. In addition to achieving these outcomes, the curriculum is focusing on discussing necessary or general knowledge of business management. Through teamwork projects, students are trained to be team workers with efficient communication and cooperation skills.

We provide several types of projects below for students to choose: projects to gain market insights or insights to marketing, projects relevant to human resource management, participating in business competitions, start up a company. Through these one-year projects, this programme provides training in problem solving and team cooperation skills.

To cultivate a sense of global perspective, the College of Management at NSYSU has more than 70 overseas partners. We strongly encourage students to study overseas at least for one semester; students satisfying language requirements must be able to get the opportunity to study overseas.

Finally, we also assist/sponsor/guide students to operate a student association, where they can train themselves in teamwork, problem-solving, and global perspective. This student association regularly hosts cross-cultural events, company visits, lectures (such as interview-lectures), etc., and sometimes forms groups to participate in student business competitions.

The Required Core Courses include :
Law and ethics in business
Productions and operations management
Human resources management
Strategic management


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