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National Taiwan Ocean University

海洋環境資訊系 Department of Marine Environmental Informatics (Master Degree)

Program Level
Language of instruction
75% taught in English

The core feature of the department is an interdisciplinary endeavor resulting from a blurring of the boundaries between the ocean environmental, computing and information sciences. Marine Environmental Informatics investigates the development of effective techniques to deliver comprehensive and reliable information for marine research. This assimilates expertise and technologies and promotes interaction between fields such as oceanography, marine environmental monitoring, marine environmental databases and information systems, geographical information systems, numerical simulation modeling, internet exploitation, data visualization and information theory.
Educational Goals
The development direction of the department is focus on the courses and researches in the field of oceanography, marine environmental monitoring, and related computer applications. Research and training involves mainly in physical and chemical oceanography along with field and laboratory work, remote sensing, ocean acoustics and numerical modeling. Research programs are carried out in the coastal and open ocean as well as sediments and rivers.


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