University & Program

National Taiwan Normal University

Science Education

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

We offer curricula that aim to prepare future science teachers with rich knowledge and skills in science instruction. Through studying the history of curriculum, students can predict the future by reviewing the past and thus prevent from making the same mistakes that predecessors made before; through the learning of cognitive psychology, students can gain a comprehensive view of the cognitive process of learning in order to develop instructional strategies; through the learning of curriculum design, students can implement effective instructional activities in classrooms; through the learning of philosophy and sociology of science, students can appreciate the nature of scientific knowledge and the process that science takes to make progress; through the learning of educational technology, students can put theories and principles into practice by employing a variety of technology tools. Furthermore, through the learning of methodology and data analysis, students can apply what they have learned to real classroom settings and to educational research.


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