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National Taiwan Normal University


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Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
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Taught in Chinese

We stress historiographical methodology and theory, developing middle/high school historical materials and methods, and teachers’ training.
On the basis of their elective credit courses, undergraduate students choose either the General Historical Studies Group or History Pedagogy Group.
Our courses include: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Chinese history, including courses on the Sui-Tang-Five Dynasties Periods; Song Dynasty History, and Ming-Qing History. Also, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Western history; Chinese cultural history; Survey of Taiwan History; and a World History Survey course. In addition, we offer American history, Japanese history, Southeast Asian history, History of Western Political Thought, History of Western Science, and a course on Historiography and Anthropology.
We also have inter-disciplinary classes like Audio-Visual Historiography, Museology and History, and Oral History.


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Office of International Affairs
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