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Yuan Ze University

International Master’s Program in Industrial Engineering and Management

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50% taught in English

1. Program Objectives:
(1) Helping diplomatic allies cultivate professionals in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing Systems and High-Tech Management, and to expand cooperation and strengthen relationships between Taiwan and these allies.

(2) Strengthening students’ theoretical foundation and practical training in Factory Management and Commercial Services.

(3) Developing students’ expertise in various business administration skills to help strengthen theglobal competitiveness of their home countries.

2. Program Overview:
Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) concerns on applying diverse engineering principles and management techniques to the design, improvement and maintenance of a high level of productivity for both manufacturing and service industries. The current development of IE&M further emphasizes on the integration of computer, information, and state-of-the-art technologies to operate complex systems in the requirements of quick-response and diverse environments.
Industrial engineers require broad knowledge and skills in both engineering and management including mathematics, statistics, computer science and social science. Adopting the market-driven strategy, the Mater Program of IE&M at Yuan Ze University emphasizes the courses and the researches in the following areas:
(1) Manufacturing System
In the area of manufacturing industry, the program basically concentrates on process rationalization and automation systems. In addition, the on-line monitoring and automated control of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) process is a new area for the industry-oriented research of the department.
The major program courses include “6 σ Process Management”, “Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes”, “CAD/CAM”, “Automatic Visual Inspection”, “Computer Integrated Manufacturing”, “3D Visual Simulation and Virtual Reality”, etc. The research direction is to apply industrial engineering techniques in high-tech industries so as to improve the manufacturing process and ultimately to achieve the goals of quality, cost, delivery, and throughput.

(2) Service Systems
In the area of service industry, the Department mainly focuses on the development of information technologies to support government, hospital, e-business, mobile commerce, and global and local logistics enterprises. Recent research works focus on Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management (SCM), multi-site inventory control & distribution management, TQM development, and quick response system.
The major program courses include “Design of Service Industries”, “Performance Measure of Service Industries”, “Logistics and Distribution”, “Data Mining”, “Management Information Systems”, “e-Commerce”, “Global Logistics”, etc. The research objective of this field is to apply industrial engineering techniques into local and global service industries so as to improve the operation process of enterprises, and eventually achieve full utilization of knowledge management.

(3) Supply Chain Management
This program prepares the students for the fundamentals of the strategic planning, design and operation of supply chain system, integrated logistics management and performance evaluation of logistics management. The related topics, such as logistic industry, distribution center and global logistic management will also be addressed.
Through the lectures and case studies, the students are given new insight into the theory and practice of logistics management so that they are expected to be successful in their career of developing supply chain strategies and executing operations management and analysis.


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