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行政管理暨政策學系 Public Management and Policy

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The Department of Public Management and Policy (PMP) of Tunghai University was established in 1986. At that time the department was known as the public administration department.
In the first academic year of 1986: The Department of Public Administration was divided into two programs which are a bachelor's and master's degrees.
In the year 2002, there is an additional bachelor program for further advancement of education.
In the 2009 academic year, the department decided to stop the enrollment of the bachelor program for further advancement education, and remodel it into the executive master program of the third sector.
In the 2018 academic year, the department decides to merge the executive master program of the third sector with the EMPA program under the College of Social Science and split the bachelor program into two classes while increasing students' number of 20.

The public sector career is a very promising field. Almost all countries in the world need professionals who grasp and skillful in the field of public management and policy. The existence of these professionals will encourage the improvement of public sector governance that is increasingly professional, has integrity, and is oriented to the broad public interest. Besides, their professional ability will contribute to the advancement of public goods and public service delivery to improve public welfare. Furthermore, since the public sector runs into a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, it requires professional experts who truly master the scientific method and can integrate various information, data, and scientific disciplines to address the challenges and dynamics of the public sector environment. Therefore, the primary goal of the PMP Department is to conceive graduates who could perform a high level of professionalism, integrity, and excellence (PIE) as well as to generate comprehensive professional knowledge of public management and cross-disciplinary understanding.

To attain the educational objectives, the PMP Department affords the design principles of the curriculum as listed below:
1.Diversified curriculum design oriented on public management.
2.Coherence and interdisciplinary arrangements served as the core of the curriculum.
3.Manage the balance of theory and practice in the curriculum design.


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