• 2021 Taiwan Summer Short-term Programs

To better serve international students in this uncertain time, Taiwan’s HEIs have organized various short-term summer programs focused on improving their Mandarin Chinese language skills, exploring Taiwanese culture, and participating in meaningful local volunteering efforts. Through on- and offline instruction and interaction, these programs give international students better understanding of and access to different aspects of life in Taiwan.

  • Comparisons of public health systems &community health in America & Taiwan|face-to-face|7/1-8/31
  • 2021 MCUT- Thailand PSU Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Workshop|online|8/3-9/30
  • 2021 MCUT-Philippines Palompon Institute of Technology Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence Online Workshop|online|8/3-9/31
  • 2021 MCUT-Thailand KMUTT Environmental Resources Online Workshop|online|8/23-10/21
  • 2021 MCUT Transnational High School Design Workshop|mix of online and face-to-face|8/23-8/26
  • NKNU 2021 Summer Online Mandarin Course|online|6/14-8/13


Photo by Pixabay