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National Taiwan University

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*The California State University International Program (CSU IP)
The CSU IP Taiwan program is affiliated with National Taiwan University (NTU), one of the top-ranked universities in Asia. Situated within the NTU campus, is the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), where IP students take many of their courses. The ICLP was founded in 1963 as the inter-university program for Chinese Language Studies and is widely held to be the premier language institution for the instruction of both modern and classical Chinese in Taiwan.

The CSU IP Taiwan: Learn Chinese program is intended for serious students of Chinese language study. Program participants can focus all of their studies on learning the Mandarin Chinese language (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Class sizes are small, typically 2 to 6 students, to maximize student progress. Students typically take three ICLP Mandarin Chinese language courses and one elective course offered by NTU, taught in either English or Chinese, depending on the student’s language ability.

For more information about the academic program, students may refer to the IP Academic Bulletin for the previous year. Note that course offerings are subject to change and may not be offered during the year of intended study.

*University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)
UCEAP’s Study Abroad program in Taiwan is located at National Taiwan University (NTU), the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. The university is located in one of the most modern yet intimate cities in the world, Taipei. Known locally as Tái-dà, NTU is one of the top-ranked institutions in Asia and top 100 research universities worldwide. Admission for locals is gained through taking a highly competitive exam; acceptance to NTU is considered a superlative academic accomplishment.
With coursework taught in English or Chinese, and in a wide range of fields, the curriculum here is rigorous and intensive. English-speaking UC students have successfully taken courses covering a variety of topics, such as Asian studies, biology, business, engineering, and political science. Students with strong Chinese language fluency are encouraged to enroll in courses of any subject area.
NTU’s spacious and overwhelmingly green campus is surrounded by lively shops and restaurants, and is easily accessible to downtown Taipei via subway or public bus. A strong network of influential social, business, academic, and political leaders within and beyond Taipei have earned their degrees from NTU, and remain active in the Tái-dà community.


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