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Cheng Shiu University

Cheng Shiu University

Cheng Shiu University College of Life and Creativity Short-term Vocational Catering Training Program for Foreign Students

Program status
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Spring (Mar.~May)

Cheng-Shiu University is accredited by the Ministry of Education as one of the top technical universities in Taiwan. We are also in a national project called “Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities” for 12 consecutive years, and only 8 private technical universities have this honor.
The Department of Food and Beverage Management emphasize on practical learning and
jointly share educational resources such as facilities and faculties with the Department of Leisure and Sports Management and the Department of Tourism and Recreation. Our industry partners are all industry leaders including five star hotels, fast food giant (McDonald) and French fine dining restaurant. This year, the Department of Food and Beverage Management introduces the Catering Skill Training Program, combining learning and practical experience. For international students from Southeast Asian countries, this program also features training on catering skills for vegetarian and Muslim cuisine. This program, established by top technical university, offers students great learning environment and opportunities to put knowledge into practice. Choose us, make the right choice.


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