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Huafan University International Students Scholarship

Level of study
Master / Doctoral
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Others: NT$100,000
Others: It will be evaluated on a yearly basis. The d

1. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage excellent international students to study at Huafan University and to promote international academic exchanges.

2. Scholarship eligibility requirements:
(1) The second-year Master students
(2) The second and third-year Ph.D. students
(3) Students with an average academic grade above 70 points, plus moral conduct grade above 80 points.

3. Vacancy and value of the scholarship:
Each academic year, the scholarship will be awarded to 5 students, 100,000 NTD per person, and the amount will be divided into 50,000NTD and give to students in two semesters, respectively.

4. Required documents for application:
(1) A copy of application form
(2) A copy of official transcripts of academic records of the previous semester.
(3) A copy of Taiwan post office account book cover

5. Deadline for application:
Applicants are required to submit a formal application to the Office of Student Affairs, Life Counseling Section, in the first 2 weeks of each academic year (the first semester). Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

6. Review procedure:
The Scholarship Committee of Student Affairs will review all applications first; the final result will be officially announced after the authorization of the President of Huafan University.

7. For those scholarship holders, the obligations include assisting administration or teaching affairs. The obligations are subjected to change according to applicants’ chosen departments.


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