Hsing Wu University

Fusheng Vietnam Elites Intern Scholarship

Level of study
Bachelor / Master
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Others: NT$20,000~30,000, details please refer to the website.

Purpose of the scholarship program:
This scholarship is the cooperative venture of the Vision International Co., Ltd. and Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd. The purpose is to assist the Vietnam students in Taiwan, offering them financial support through a scholarship program.
To encourage the excellent Vietnam students in Taiwan to get a job opportunity in Vietnam after their graduations, Vision International Co., Ltd (Vietnam) provides a scholarship program. The intern students can have their internship and job opportunity during summer and winter vacations in Fusheng Taiwan. Fusheng expects outstanding students to the industry as soon as possible by gaining working experiences during the internship. Eventually, they can work for their own country by playing to their strengths.


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