National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

YunTech Scholarship for Outstanding International Students

Level of study
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Award Amount: NTD 6000~15000 /month
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
One year

1. Monthly Stipend for postgraduate students:
- Full-funded Stipend: 15,000 NTD for PhD and 10,000NTD for Master students
- Partial-funded Stipend: 8,000 NTD for PhD and 6,000NTD for Master students
2. Tuition Waiver for postgraduate and undergraduate students:
- International students that are eligible to study at YunTech can apply for the Tuition Waiver.
- Three categories of tuition waivers: waiver for full tuition waiver for half tuition, and waiver for a quarter of the tuition.
- The Tuition waiver cannot be granted if the student already receives Taiwan scholarships from our government or get the financial support from local government.


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Office of International Affairs
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