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Fu Jen Catholic University

Fu Jen Catholic University

Fu Jen Catholic University PhD Scholarship for New International Students

Level of study
Field of study
No limit
No limit
Depending on the applicant's documents
Award Amount: NTD 10000 /month
Tuition reduced
Others: The scholarship is awarded for eight consecutive semesters. The scholarship begins in the semester for which the recipient was granted admission and after the recipient has completed registration. Tuition and miscellaneous fees are waived or reduced as part of the scholarship and the recipient receives a stipend of NT$50,000 per semester. The stipend is disbursed in monthly installments of NT$10,000 after the recipient completes registration for the semester.
Others: 8 consecutive semesters

The scholarship was established in order to support government policies to expand the recruitment of international students and to boost the enrollment of outstanding international students in doctoral programs at the University.


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