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National Chiao Tung University

National Chiao Tung University

CHT Scolarship (Bachelor)

Level of study
Field of study
Management and administration, Accounting and taxation, Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering , Chemical engineering and processes, Construction and civil engineering, Mining and extraction, Engineering and engineering trades not elsewhere classified, Environmental protection technology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer use
Audio-visual techniques and media production, Accounting and taxation, Library, information and archival studies
Depending on the applicant's documents
Chinese proficiency:
Award Amount: NTD 10000 /month
One year

The CHT Scholarship is sponsored by Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan, based on the premise of academia-industry cooperation. The scholarship is offered to 10 students (either international or overseas Chinese students) who are from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and are fluent in Chinese. Summer/winter internship opportunities are open for scholarship recipients to apply. Apply via NCTU after receiving admission offer.


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