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National Kaohsiung Normal University Scholarship/Assistantship for Students from outside Taiwan

Level of study
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Field of study
Others: The applicant has to submit the application f
Award Amount: NTD 4000~6000 /month
Others: 4 years for undergraduates, 2 years for Maste

National Kaohsiung Normal University (hereafter NKNU) established the regulations in order to advance the development of internationalization and attract outstanding foreign students to study in NKNU so to promote the academic competitiveness of the university.

Qualifications for Application:
1. Except for freshman, the academic average grade of the previous academic year should be over 75 for the undergraduate student and over 80 for the graduate student. The ethics grade should be over 80 for both undergraduate students and graduate students each semester. Neither of the above
has received a written reprimand or severe penalty from NKNU as a result of misconduct.
2. The graduate applicant who has taken all graduate courses could submit his/her thesis research plan to apply for the scholarship during the time of writing his/her thesis. He/She shall also offer the advisor’s recommendation letter and thesis proposal (including research motivation, purpose, literature review, research design, and method, as well as references, etc.)
3. The foreign freshman who enrolls in NKNU by “The Regulations Governing the Mainland Students’ Admission to Attend Associate or Higher-level Programs in Taiwan” or “The Regulations of NKNU Admission for Foreign Students” has the priority to receive the
scholarship in the first academic year.
4. The scholarship will be canceled when the recipient suspends or interrupts studies. The foreign student may reapply for the scholarship during the designated application schedule after re-enrollment.


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