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Scholarships for International/Overseas Chinese Student Scholarship (undergraduate)

Level of study
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
Others: Depends on the academic performance.

For international and overseas Chinese students who will be enrolled for the Spring Semester 2018, scholarships listed below can be apply while you are applying for CYCU. (1) tuition and incidental fee waiver (2) 50% tuition and 50% incidental fee waiver (3) NT$16,000 Required documents (1) Scholarship Application Form (2) Other documents/certificates providing additional sources for evaluation Due to high competitiveness, only qualified applicants will be granted for the stipend on first academic semester. For the subsequent semesters, the students must be within the top 25% of their department academically to receive stipends continuously. It should be noted that the scholarship will be provided to the qualified students, based on the availability of the fund allocated for international undergraduate scholarship.


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