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Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University

Distinguished International Graduate Student (DIGS) Scholarship- Master Degree

Level of study
Field of study
Law, Education science, Psychology , Management and administration, Accounting and taxation, Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering , Chemical engineering and processes, Construction and civil engineering, Engineering and engineering trades not elsewhere classified, Environmental protection technology, Architecture and urban planning, Fashion, interior and industrial design, Local language and literature studies, Foreign language and literature studies, Religion, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer use, Biology
No limit
Depending on the applicant's documents
Chinese proficiency:
English proficiency:
Award Amount: NTD 6000 /month
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
Accommodation offers
Others: Free Mandarin Learning Course / 3 hours per week / different level Terms for DIGS scholarship includes the following:1. Tuition and incidental fees waiver2. Monthly stipend of NT$ 6,000/mon (or US$ 182/mon, based on US$ 1 ~ NT$ 33 conversion rate) for two years for those working on their Master’s degree; NT$ 8,000/mon (or US$ 242/mon) for four years for those working on their Ph.D. degree. 3. Free campus housing (shared with three other students in a room of the CYCU’s student dormitory)4. Free Chinese course for one year.5. It is noted that for a Master’s student, the overall scholarship is over US$ 13,000; for a Ph.D. student, it is over US$ 29,000.It is noted that international students with DIGS scholarships are required to worked for 4-hr per week in assisting research/teaching/service at CYCU
Two year

CYCU offers scholarships to ensure that qualified outstanding students have the financial resources they need to advance their study.


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