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National Chiayi University

Department of Veterinary Medicine

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese

The profession of veterinary medicine encompasses areas of public health involved in safeguarding human health, zoonoses, food safety and hygiene of animal products for consumption and clinical diagnosis and treatments for all kinds of animals, animal health inspection and quarantine as well as animal welfare concerns. The Department of Veterinary Medicine focuses on training excellent clinical veterinarians and professionals on veterinary technology which can work in animal hospitals, government veterinary administrative departments, animal epidemic prevention, quarantine agencies, farms, biotechnological companies, etc.; enhances the welfare of humans and animals. The mission of this department is to help students become practical veterinarians who have the abilities to engage in medical care for companion, food-producing animals and wild animals.

The postgraduate program helps students to use their natural interest in animals to learn science. The staffs in this department also co-operate with veterinarians, human doctors, and scientists from different fields to promote veterinary medicine, diagnostic techniques, public health, and animal welfare to achieve the concept of one health one world.

The master graduate institute of clinical veterinary medicine is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of important animal diseases. The course is for training clinical veterinarians with the ability to diagnose and solve problems on the spot, and to promote cooperation between industry and education by means of teaching and cooperation. The educational goal is to nurture the services, teaching and research talents with veterinary clinical expertise.

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