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National Chiayi University

Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Biopharmaceuticals

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Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

The mission of our Department is to educate our students not only in learning basic knowledge of microbiology, immunology, and biopharmaceutics, but also to apply this knowledge for human benefit and health. Our Department has 13 faculty members all with a Ph.D. degree, each has established well-equipped and specialized research lab to engage variant directions for graduate and postgraduate studies. In addition to fulfill 128 graduate credits for bachelor degree, hand on practical training and laboratory experiences are also emphasized in our education program to facilitate the need for future career development.
The graduate institute based on modern biomedical technique to develop microbiological, immunological, and biopharmaceutical fields research. The ongoing research topics including: chemical components and biological activities of herbal medicines, chemical synthesis and structure modification of natural products, biotransformation of natural products, biofuel, fermentation technique, biological and pharmacological activities of anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, immuno-modulation, anti- virus, medical microbiology, and vaccine. The master students shall select at least one topic out of four special research area: microbiology, immunology, biopharmaceuticals, and biomedicines. In addition, they shall select at least one advisor before the end of first semester and complete their thesis for their graduation.

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