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National Chiayi University

Department of Food Science

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Food science is an applied science that integrates chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and nutrition. The Department of Food Science in National Chiayi University offers comprehensive undergraduate program providing disciplines focused on food chemistry and analysis, food processing technology and engineering, food microbiology and food safety, food biotechnology, and nutrition and functional food, to prepare qualified graduates equipped with knowledge and skills for production, innovation, management, and organization for careers in food industry.

The Master Program in Department of Food Science focuses on the most advanced research trends of global food technologies and coordinates the relevant studies to enhance the mass production of healthy foods. Furthermore, emphases are devoted to the studies on the effects of different processing technologies on food components, qualities and functional attributes. The planned curriculum takes both scientific theory verification and practical skill development into consideration. The educational goal of Master programs of Department of Food Science is to cultivate and foster talents as the indispensable scientists and core technologist in food science for sustainable development, based on the current and abiding societal and global demands.

Established on the specialties of the Department and global demand, with emphases on the practical applications of basic theories, the Doctoral Program in the Department of Food Science aims to improve and innovate technologies and products, reflecting the current trends in industry development, and to create new products with high economical and additional values through advanced technologies. Accordingly, the studies in the Doctoral Program are mainly focused on the following aspects:
1. Research and development of foods for the prevention of chronic diseases.
2. Basic research on functional/healthy foods and identification and isolation of their bioactive components.
3. Research and development for the mass-production technologies of functional foods with activities in preventing chronic diseases.
4. Novel food processing and product developmental technology

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