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National Chiayi University

Department of Counseling

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

The department of counseling offers undergraduate program, master’s program, and evening master’s program, the department endeavors to provide professional training that covers family education, family and community counseling, school counseling, and corporate counseling from the perspective of human service. In addition to providing complete access to human service education, the department expects to meet the needs of the general public and families and become the first department in Taiwan specializing in the fields of family, community, and school.

Curriculum Planning for Undergraduate Students
The undergraduate program in Counseling is designed to cultivate students’ professional development in four dimensions including family, community, school and industrial counseling. A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation.

Curriculum Planning for Graduate Students
The graduate program in Counseling is designed to provide students with a solid academic foundation that will enhance their pursuant in the postgraduate education with a number of specializations. The program is divided into two subgroups: Family Education and Counseling Psychology. A minimum of 30 credits is required for students enrolled in the Family Education division; Students in the Counseling Psychology division have to earn a minimum of 36 credits. Courses are categorized into three major fields: Family Education, Family and Community Counseling, and School Counseling. Career opportunities in these specializations vary.


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