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National Chiayi University

Department of Biomechatronic Engineering

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

The department aims to cultivate the students in the fields of product, management, harvest, processing, and quality control for biological systems by applying the mechatronics technology. After completing all the technical courses, students with capability of developing mechatronic system, automation technology, biological products processing and storage, biological system facilities and environmental control are expected.

Curriculum Planning
There are graduate and undergraduate programs in the Department of Biomechatronic Engineering. Fundamentals and application of science is the core curriculum. Integration of different fields is emphasized in order to enhance the students with capability to apply knowledge. Control, inspection, and development of mechatronic system are concentrated to meet the requirements of biological industry. The courses include Calculus, General Physics, General Physics Lab, General Chemistry, General Chemistry Lab, Graphics, Machine Shop Practice, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Lab, Biology, Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Mathematics, Biological Industry Machinery, Biological Industry Machinery Lab, Thermodynamics, Physical Properties of Biological Materials, Automatic Control, Electronics and Electrical Circuits, Principles and Applications of Sensors, Principles and Applications of Microprocessors, Fluid Mechanics, Mechatronics.

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