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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Graduate Institute of Bioresources (Ph. D Degree)

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50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Established in 2004, the Graduate Institute of Bioresources (GIB) is a conglomerate of the colleagues and research facilities from related departments in Agriculture College. The GIB only provides a Ph.D. program, which is devoting to studying biodiversity conservation, agricultural biotechnology and green & sustainable science and technology. Currently, up to 5 local students per year are admitted to study the program.

Based on the research interests of four full-time faculties, the GIB subsequently established four labs to provide a research and learning environment, where many sophisticated instruments and equipments are in use. They include「Bioresources and Energy Technology Development Lab」,「Chemical Modification of Lignocellulosic Materials Lab」,「Ecology and Evolution Research Lab」and「Plant Physiology and Ecology Research Lab」.

The GIB has three research & development features:
1. Bioresources conservation and management
- Monitoring survey, functional maintenance and conservative management
- Sustainable use and disaster prevention between bioresources and human activities.
2. Bioresources development and utilization
- Green & ecological materials and bioenergy.
- High value-added utilization from a diversity of bioresources.
3. Technology research and industrial development
- Biotechnology & pharmaceuticals.
- Sustainable agriculture.

The GIB program aims at preparing graduate student for careers in a diversity of professional areas, including technology research, conservation and ecology research, product development, marketing management, educational promotion, etc. They can start a business, or could be employed by the governmental organizations, academic universities, environmental education promotion organizations, biotechnology enterprises, sustainable agriculture farms, green technology enterprises, and ecotourism & recreation enterprises.


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