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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Vehicle Engineering (Master Degree)

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Origin and development
This department was founded in 1996 when it only offered a two-year Bachelor's degree. In 2000, a four-year Bachelor's degree was initiated while the Master degree was offered two years later. In 2004, the two-year Bachelor's degree was terminated. Currently, this department offers Bachelor's and Master degrees. The total enrollment is about 500 students.

Undergraduate Study
Educational Goal
To educate and train professionals with skills in the automobile system integration and the development of main vehicle components.
Core Ability
1. Ability of using mathematics, science and engineering knowledge
2. Ability to design and execute experiment, as well as analyze and explain its data
3. Ability to practice automobile technology, skills, and relevant tools
4. Ability to design automobile system and its parts
5. Ability to communicate effectively with team members
6. Ability to excavate, analyze, and solve problems
7. Know current events, be aware of the impact the automobile engineering and technology on the environment, the society, and the global, and develop the habits and ability for continuous studying
8. Ability to understand the responsibility of the professional ethics and the community

Educational Goal
To educate and train outstanding automobile professionals with great social responsibility, high professional manner, and broad international scope.
Core Ability
1. Professional knowledge and technology of automobile engineering
2. Planning and execution of automobile engineering project and research
3. Technical writing ability
4. Creative thinking and problem solving independently
5. Coordination and negotiation ability with professionals from different areas
6. Good international views
7. Management ability
8. Ability of lifelong self-enhancement

Philosophy and Features
The feature of this department is “Robust students from dynamic department”. This department consists of a group of enthusiastic faculty members committed to continuing pedagogical improvement and mentoring system. This department places its main focus on industry applications while supplemented with fundamental research studies. The faculty members actively involve in research activities and aggressively look for research funding to offer the students many extra research opportunities and experiences. The direction of our department development is divided into three main directions, namely green dynamic system, vehicle electronics, and vehicles structure and materials. The scope of research broadly covers important areas including novel energy usage, novel dynamic system, novel vehicles design, light-weight metal alloy structure and its manufacturing, overall vehicle structure and safety, vehicle sensors, vehicle integrated circuits, vehicle telematic, and electronics.


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