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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Modern Languages (Bachelor Degree)

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Taught in Chinese

The Department of Modern Languages was established in August 2000, with one class of a two-year program. In 2003, this program was replaced by a four-year program. In 2011, the graduate school was established to cultivate students’ professional language skill s and research talents.

Educational Objectives
In order to meet the needs of globalization and to supply the talents required by industry, the undergraduate program places equal emphases on both theory and practice and aims to train specialists in the following fields:
1. Teaching English as a foreign language
2. Business and international trade
3. Hospitality and tourism

Curricular planning
The undergraduate curriculum of DML covers a wide spectrum. Apart from the basic required courses designed to enhance students’ English proficiency, the curriculum is divided into two categories:
English Teaching Track, which offers courses such as Theories of English Instruction, Activity Designs for Teaching English, Practice for Teaching Children English, etc.
Business & Translation Track, which offers courses such as English for Business Communication, English for Business Presentation, Electronic Commerce, etc.


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