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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Master Degree)

Program Level
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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Educational Objectives
The department aims to facilitate national development and accelerate the industrial progress and technological promotion. The department not only offers fundamental theories and analysis techniques in general mechanical engineering, such as mechatronics integration, energy conversion, materials, design and manufacturing, but also trains excellent mechanical engineers competent in humanities, languages, information technology, and mechanically related industrial knowledge and technology.

The department offer four-year Bachelor Program and Master Program. The minimum credit hours of courses in the four-year Bachelor Program and Master Program are 130 and 34 respectively.

Future Development
Following the trend of internationalization in the 21th century, the development of the Department focuses on:
1. Mechatronics integration technique
2. Energy conversion
3. Precision manufacturing
4. Analysis, diagnosis and control of structural sound and vibration
5. Advanced materials development
It also emphasizes the development of solar energy and recreational equipment, aggressively aiming to create an ideal environment for research and talent education and to enable the dream of students.

The Department has a variety of laboratories to suit the needs of teaching and research. There are O-TA Lab, Semiconductor Material Lab, Optic-Mechatronic Lab, Automatic Control Lab, Nondestructive examine Lab, Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Powder Technology Lab, Vibration and Acoustics Lab, microsystem Simulation & Design lab, Cathode Arc Plasma Deposition Lab, Electrical Engineering Lab, CAD/CAM Lab, Precision Casting Lab, Precision Manufacture Lab, Precise Measurement Lab, Apply Electronics Lab, Mechatronic Lab, Machine Vision, Inspection Lab, Research Center of Solar Photo-Electricity Applications, and Research Center of Precision Fluid Machine. There are equipment with facilities for Casting, Heat Treatment, Welding, FET Analyzer, Sound Level Meter, Vibration Testing Machine, Drop Test Machine, Solar Cell I-V Measurement System, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Laser Particle Size Analyzer, SEM, Nd: YAG Laser Machine, Lathe, Milling Machine, Tool Microscope, Laser Optic Measurement System, IC Leas Scanner, Machine Vision Measurement system, High Precision laser Displacement Equipment, Chemical Vapor Deposition System, Thermal Vaporation System, Optical-Electron Flat Display Automatical Testing System, CNC Tourning and Milling Center, CNC Milling Machines, Coordinate Measuring Systems, and etc.


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