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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Forestry (Master Degree)

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The department of forestry was established in 1955. Initially it is a three-year college curriculum for graduate of senior high school. In 1965, the department divided into the program of Forestry and Soil and Water Conservation. The program of Soil and Water conservation was terminated in 1974. The department was reformed as the Department of Forest Resources Management in 1991 offering a two-year senior college education for students graduate from a two-year of five-year associate college in a related field. In 1997, the school was rename as National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. A four-year college program was offered in 1998, and the program of two-year was terminated. In addition, the department established a graduate program offering master degree in 1999.

All courses offered in this Department are both theoretical and practical, such as Botany, Dendrology, Ecology, Silviculture, Biometry, Surveying, Economics, Forest Soils Science, Geographic Information System, and Remote Sensing. The applied courses include Forest Management, Forestry Ploicy and Laws, Landscape Trees, Conservation Techniques For Rare Plants, Ecophsiology of Woody Plants, Forest Recreation Management, and Forest Wildlife. By acquiring a broad spectrum of knowledge, the student can effectively deal with forestry problems.
All undergraduate students of the forest have take at least 140 credit hours of courses for the four-year’s program.


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