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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Fashion Design and Management (Bachelor Degree)

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Fashion design is currently a national development focus as there is quite a demand for manpower. Fashion design fives emphasis to design skills, functional materials, and clothing (the fashion merchandise industry) marketing combined to create the overall sense of beauty and living needs. It has been over five decades since Taiwan’s textile fashion industry began its development. The popular textile exports have always had a large share in contributing to the foreign exchange earnings. The earnings of USD 10 billion per annum have made Taiwan a major world-class supplier. The Department focuses on two core areas: fashion design and management. The development focuses and features of the respective areas are described below:
1. Area of fashion design:
In view of the development of the government and cultural and creativity industry, coupled with Taiwan’s ethnic cultures, digital contents, and cultural and innovative art design, take the initiative to design fashionable fabric, apparel, and overall apparel, and styling design in order to foster and put to good use Taiwan’s local cultural assets so that they can be applied in forward-looking design and cultivation of talents in the international arena.
2. Area of management:
In coping with globalization and a need for industry service personnel to develop the knowledge economy. In order to improve the service quality and information management, the standard of management in the industry is strengthened. The teaching staff of Management College of the University endeavor to foster talents that demonstrate creativity, international perspectives, and leadership qualities.

Color science, fashion marketing, skincare science, clothing materials, make-up design, ergonomics, fashion design, cosmetology, consumer behavior, fashion industry study, creative dyeing design and application, fabric identification study, apparel merchandising planning, apparel constitutes science, etc.


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