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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Civil Engineering (Ph.D Degree)

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50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

This major provides fundamental education required for private and public services in civil engineering. Particular emphasis is placed upon the fundamental engineering principles and design techniques required in practice, but experience in techniques is also provided. Divisions within the department include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering and water resource engineering.

In the senior, the courses related to structural engineering include Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel Design, Structural Analysis by Matrix Methods Pre-stressed Concrete Design, Structural Dynamics, Bridge Design, Building Design, and Non-destructive Testing for Structures. Geotechnical engineering division provides the courses of Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology Slope Stability Analysis, Designing with Geosynthetics, Geotechnical Structures Design. The courses related to water resource engineering include Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, Water Resource Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Groundwater Resources, Drainage Design, Dam Design, Open-channel Hydraulics. Other courses offered include Dynamics, Computer Graphics and Geographic Information System, Construction Management etc. The courses offered in the M.S. and Ph. D. programs include Theory of Elasticity, Advanced Strength Materials, Behavior of RC materials, Optimal Structural Design, Advance Pre-stressed Concrete Design, Plasticity Computer Analysis in Structural Engineering, Advance Soil Mechanics, Advance Foundation Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Soil Behavior, Pavement Design, Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical In-situ Teat, Engineering Statistical Hydrology, Groundwater Modeling Analysis, Sediment Transportation, Diffusion Theory, Regional Water Resource planning Computational Fluid Mechanics, etc.

Research and teaching laboratories in the Department include soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, surveying, engineering materials, geographic information system, geosynthetics, non-destructive testing laboratory, and a video room. Major equipment include a 100-ton universal compression machine, a conventional tri-axial compression apparatus, a dynamic tri-axial apparatus, a 5-ton stress and strain controlled compression and extension testing machine, a conventional tri-axial test apparatus, a wide strain range dynamic tri-axial test apparatus, a large scale direct shear apparatus, two servo-control uni-axial test machines, universal surveying stations, many geo-mechanics and structural mechanics, Soil and Water related equipment, Hydraulic experiment channel, irrigation farm etc.


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