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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Child Care (Bachelor Degree)

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The Department of Child Care was established in 1994. The mission statement of the Department at its establishment was to train professionals engaged in care services and research for children between 0-12 years of age. At the current time, the Department recruits students in its four-year system, with four classes in its daytime program and four classes in its extension program. In 2002, the Department also established a master degree program.

Educational Objectives
1. Cultivate core abilities in professional know-how and diligent attitudes in child care.
2. Cultivate competitiveness in diverse viewpoints and innovative attitudes in industries relating to children.
3. Cultivate the ability to resolve problems for child care, engage in team cooperation, and practice humanistic concern.
4. Cultivate sensitivity for global consciousness and cultural exchange in child care.
5. Cultivate research ability in visionary issues in child care.

Curricular Planning
1. University-mandated and College-mandated courses to cultivate general core abilities in students.
2. Three major types of core courses to cultivate professional core abilities in students:
(1) The care and nursing of young children between 0-2 years of age
(2) The education and care of young children between 2-6 years of age
(3) The after-class care and counseling of children between 6-12 years of age
3. Courses in professional competence to cultivate professional features in students: (1) Intervention of children with special needs (2) art exhibitions and performances (3) technology in education and care.


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