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National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Department of Biomechatronics Engineering (Master Degree)

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Educational Objectives
The objective of the department is to educate the student to meet the national policy that promotes and develop in biological production, transportation, storage, and processing for develop a sustainable system and use the natural resources.

Research & Promotion
The department accepts research projects from GRB, COA, ICDF, Taiwan Provincial Government and individuals. During past three years, there are thirty projects and fourteen disquisition cases. Agriculture technology groups offer fifty times of friendly help to foreign nations. The training program on agriculture machine technology in Taiwan has trained over twenty thousand person.

Biological systems and mechatronic engineering
Bio-optical and sensor engineering
Bio-resources and application

The department owns CAD/CAM lab, Intelligent-system of Signal Processing Lab, Spectral Image and Image Processing Engineering Lab, Bio-fluorescence and Bio-simulation Lab, Bio-mechatronic and Measurement Lab, Biomass Application and Analysis Lab, Bio-resource Processing Engineering Lab, Bio-production Machine and Power Lab, Electronics and Electrical Practice lab, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Engineering Lab, Programmable Logical Control Theory and Application Lab, Physical Properties of Bio-material Lab, Bio-system Thermo-Fluidic Analysis Lab, Bio-interfacial Phenomena and Materials Lab. The laboratories are installed to provide students with practical training in an ideal learning environment.


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