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Feng Chia University

PhD Program of Business - International Program

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Above 90% taught in English

To strengthen students’ theoretical foundation, the Ph.D. Program in Business actively recruits prominent professors to teach core business courses. Additionally, the program frequently engages distinguished local and international scholars as lecturers and professors to broaden the business acumen and vision of its students.

The program encompasses four core areas: Risk Management and Insurance, Accounting and Taxation, Finance, and Business Management. The program prepares its students to develop a solid knowledge base in economics and proficient quantitative analytical skills that enable them to analyze complex business systems.

In addition, the program provides integrated business courses spanning the four core areas. For instance, the principles of Risk Management and Insurance can be extended and applied to issues of Finance, Accounting and Taxation, and in Business Management. Integration between core courses is closely related to securities and financial management, large public investment project evaluation, and business operations."


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