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Soochow University

Department of Chinese Literature

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Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Department goals and academic specialties

The undergraduate program trains students in creative writing and the studies of Chinese literature, with dual emphasis on both classical and modern works as our major goals. Putting equal weight on studying and exercise, our students are keen in both theory and practice. Meanwhile, our Master and Ph.D. programs focus solely on pure literature, such as prose, rhymed prose, poetry, ci (free verse) and drama. Moreover, we also give regular courses on classical Chinese literature, classical Chinese philosophy and

Literature and History Reference…etc. In addition, courses about the integration of philology and information science are available for students who are interested.

1.Classical Chinese Studies Course

Courses on Classical Chinese Studies are the core courses of the department which is divided into three categories that include foundation courses such as: Introduction to Sinology, Phonetics, Phonology, Exegetics Studies and Methodology of Chinese Studies and Practice. Additionally, to emphasize the understanding of literature theories, courses like the Introduction to Literature, the History of Chinese Literature, Readings on Chinese Prose with Writing Practice, Readings on Chinese Poetry with Writing Practice, Readings on Chinese Ci with Writing Practice, Readings on Chinese Drama with Writing Practice, Rhyme Introduction, Chu Ci, Poetry of Tao Yuan-Ming and Hsieh Ling-Yun, Poems of Du Fu, Classical Novels, Classical Drama, Wen Hsin Tiao-Lung, Chao Ming's Literary Anthology and The Shiji are also provided. Furthermore, classics like The Zhouyi, The Book of Changes, The Shangshu, The book of Songs, Zuo Zhuan, The Liji, Confucian Analects and The Mencius as well as The Lao Tzu, The Xunzi, The Han Feizi and the history of Chinese Ideologies are all included in our classical Chinese studies course.

2.Modern Literature Course

Courses on modern literature includes the Introduction to Modern Literature, Contemporary Chinese Prose with Writing Practice, Readings on Modern Poetry with Writing Practice, Readings on Modern Novels with Writing Practice, History of Modern Literature, Literature and Cinema, Travel and Dietary Literature, The Popular Novels, Children's Literature and Writing Practice, Modern Drama & Exercise, Regional Drama and Visual Narrative.

3.Applied Chinese Course

Courses on Applied Chinese include Applied Writings, Calligraphy - Regular Script and Running Script, Calligraphy - Clerical Script and Seal Script, Story Writing, Appreciation and Narration of Traditional Drama, Editing and Covering News, Literature and Communication, Data Processing and Software Application, Ancient Archives Digitizing and Editing Application, Chinese Rhetoric, Modern Song and Poem Writing, Advertising Strategy and Literature, Website Management and Multimedia Manufactures, Television News Production, Practical work-study internship, Cultural Creativity and Management, Literature and History Reference, Advertisement Writing, Editorial Studies and Cultural Creativity and Management.


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