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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

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MS / PhD
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Our graduate program aims to deepen the knowledge of students in one of the five divisions in our department: structurl engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, construction material, and information technology. The learning process involves an extenive list of course offerings, and the use of our research facilities. Our graduate program is IEET accredited since 2008. Generally, students need to complete 24 course credits, a master's thesis, and an oral defense of their research work to earn their master of science (M.S.) degree. Different divisions may have different requirements on the course selection. Doctor of philophy (Ph.D.) degree is also offered by our department. Students generally need to have a master's degree (or equivalent) and complete 18 course credits, a doctoral dissertation, and an oral defense of their doctoral work to earn their Ph.D. degree. Starting in 2005, our department starts to admit international students and offers courses in English. Now, we admit about 20 international students each year, and half of our courses are offered in English.

The following describes the objectives and outcomes of our graduate program.

The undergraduate program aims to help our students to:
Students will possess professional knowledge and skills in the field of Construction Engineering;
Students will have the ability of thinking innovatively and to engage in research and development;
Students will have the abilities and skills to implement engineering practices, as well as to preform the roles as leaders or managers;
Students will have the virtue of engineering ethics, social responsibility, sustainability, and global perspective.

We expect our students, upon completion, possess:
professional knowledge and an ability to execute practical engineering projects in construction engineering;
an ability to plan and execute research projects;
an ability to furnish thesis technical reports;
an ability to innovative thinking and to solve problem independently;
an ability to collaborate and work in inter-disciplines teams, to conduct effective communication, and to present professionally;
an international vision and an ability to fluently use multi-languages;
a mission to fulfill one's social responsibilities and to value engineering ethics;
an ability to engage life-long learning and self-improvement.


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