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Hsiuping University of Science and Technology

Department of Electronic Enginnering

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50% taught in English

The Depar tment of Electrical Engineering is committed to the career intelligence and professional knowledge and technology. Students are equipped with the resources and guidance to become competent engineers who are capable of incorporating design, R&D, maintenance, manufacturing, and management into their professional settings. The development of the department includes micro-computer interface control systems, mechatronics system design, power quality control and power electronics and electric power applications, integrated circuit design, chip systems and applications, photoelectric semiconductor technology, and other electronic materials.

The goal of the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering is to educate students to become professionals of engineering research and development. Therefore, the curricula are to be R&D of high technology electrical and electronic industries.

The department strives for more research opportunities with the goal of building on knowledge from the
National Science Council and Ministry of Education. The department also offers cooperative opportunities with industries/factories to students.


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