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Hsiuping University of Science and Technology

Department of Electrical Enginnering

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50% taught in English

Due to the rapid development of the electronic information industry, there is a strong demand in the job market. In accordance with the national industrial policy, the development direction of the Department of Electronic Engineering includes optoelectronics and electronic information application as the two principal fields. Optoelectronics fields focus on solar cell, optical technology, and electronic materials engineering. Electronic information application focuses on network communication technology, interface control application, and electronic information hardware/ software integration. In addition to the expansion of hardware/software facilities, government grants and industry-university collaborative research and development project funding have been also increased rapidly in recent years.

Based on the need of industry professionals with the development of electronic engineering, a series of practice courses linking basic technology and industrial applications have been included to equip students with technological skills and theoretical acknowledge, and further international perspective and innovative abilities. After graduation, the students will be qualified engineers in photoelectric semiconductor and electronic information industries. Master students will understand the fields of electronic, electrical, information, photoelectric, communication, and material engineering.


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