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Hsiuping University of Science and Technology

Department of Applied English

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Above 90% taught in English

The department aims to equip students with practical level skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and educate them to be competent in one of two professional tracks: Track 1:“Teaching English to Young Learners" and Track 2:“Business & Tourism."In addition to compulsory English courses, our elective courses include basic professional courses such as Art Design Software Application, Journalistic English, Project Management, International Etiquette, advanced professional courses such as The Selective Reading of Children Literature, Language and Culture, Second Language Acquisition, Computer- Aided English Teaching in Track 1, and Presentations, International Trade Practice, Courses in Tourism and Tourism Services Training, Tour Guide of Taiwanese Culture in Track 2. Our compulsory English Certification Practice is designed to help students pass the GEPT intermediate level or earn a TOEIC score of 550 as part of their graduation requirement.
Additionally, the department has established academic partnerships with sister universities abroad to promote cultural and academic exchanges. These cooperative programs will help students to pursue short- term study or long-term study opportunities abroad. Our department is proud to announce that, in addition to our time- honored Chinese Teaching Pilot Overseas Internship plan, we have signed an internship contract in 2015 with The Taiwan Hotel & Motel Association of Southern California in the USA to select competent students to conduct practical training for front desk and housekeeping duties in the association members´hotels on the East and West Coasts of the United States of America.


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