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National Chengchi University

International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS)

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Above 90% taught in English

Established in 2006, the International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) is one of the five international Master's programs offered in National Chengchi University. IMICS, currently the only English-taught Master's program in the field of Communications in Taiwan, focuses on cross-cultural communication studies with an additional emphasis on the Asia-Pacific area. The program aims at promoting both the quality and the content of current international communications research, and at cultivating future leaders and professionals in the field of international communications.

IMICS accepts 9 domestic students, 13 international students, and 3 overseas students (25 students in total) each year. Applications are accepted through different admission approaches. Students are encouraged to apply for the merit-based scholarships offered by the Taiwanese government, the university and the College of Communication. To attain the degree, students must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours, including 2 required courses: Communication Theory and Research Methods, and a master's thesis within 2 years (6 years maximum). In addition to its emphasis on academic research, the program also encourages students to participate in internships, international conferences, grant programs, and other activities that integrate theory and practice.

With the help of the reputable faculty members from the three well-established communication departments (Journalism, Advertisement, and Radio & Television), IMICS offers an extensive range of elective courses designed not only to introduce students to the theories and skills required to write a research dissertation but to conduct in-depth discussions on various communication-related subjects such as media and marketing, political communication, globalization and international relations. IMICS students are expected to be knowledgeable, well-trained experts who are able to adapt to the rapid change and global interdependence that characterizes the 21st Century, and make an impact on a global level both in academia and in industry.


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