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National Central University

International Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence (IGPAI)

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English

The International Master's Degree program in Artificial Intelligence integrates the rich research resources and excellent teachers from CEECS, and will positively cultivate talents who are leading and innovative, also comply with the demand of Taiwan industry development and have an international perspective and global competitiveness in AI, Artificial Intelligence Field. This degree program is taught fully in English and plans for an “Artificial Intelligence industry internship” to solve industrial problems in practice.

The program development includes:
-- AI chips and components design, AI application and optimization, cultivating various talents in the AI field
-- Including machine learning and related algorithm, data extraction, and retrieval, natural language processing, visual analysis systems …etc.
-- Fostering talents who can integrate both software and hardware and providing students with the latest AI academic achievements.
-- Drones, self-driving cars, reinforcement learning, AI chip design, factory automation, medical big data analysis, and AI robot.
-- Fostering the talents with innovation ability, ability to solve critical technical problems, who meet the needs of Taiwan's economic and industrial development, also have an international concept and global competitiveness.


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