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National Tsing Hua University

International Master Program in Information Systems and Applications

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Above 90% taught in English

Research carried out in IMPISA is divided into three major groups: (A) Data Science, (B) Creative Multimedia, and (C) Human-centered Interaction and User Experience.
In Group A, we are looking for students from different domain knowledge, such as electrical engineering, education, business management, humanities & social sciences,and medicine. Under the cross-scope and multi-cultural environments plus the lectures and advising from our professors who are specialized in data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language, and big data analysis, IMPISA is a perfect place to train outstanding data scientists.
Group B: IMPISA has lots of experiences in creative multimedia and have obtained some distinguished and breakthroughs in recent years. In this group, we are focusing on combining information system with other knowledges, such as Wireless Multimedia Networking Technologies and Computer Vision for Visual Effects to name a few.
Group C: Human-centered interaction and user experience consist of topics related to intelligent human computer interface, natural language, learning technology and information media. Based on the four topics, we also extend our research to game programming, user experience, social computing, intelligent agents, MOOCs, E-learning and so on and so forth.


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