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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of French Language and Culture

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Others: Chinese and French
Fall / Spring

1. Graduate students can take a wide range of courses, including classes in French literature, art, cultural enterprise management, French language teaching, French interpretation, and translation, etc. The range of topics that students can choose for their masters’ thesis is equally wide.
2. The Research Methodology course teaches students the proper way to undertake academic research.
3. Outstanding students have the chance to study for one year at Fu Jen Catholic University’s sister universities in France (University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, Aix-Marseille University) and the University of Louvain in the second year of the masters’ program, giving them the opportunity to further their studies in their own particular field of research while also developing an international outlook.
4. The Graduate Institute of French Language and Culture has established an international collaboration project with the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle that provides for joint thesis supervision with respect to the first and second years of the masters’ program.

Curriculum Design Philosophy
The curriculum design for the masters’ program is oriented towards four main career paths: literature, cultural administration and management, translation and interpreting, and teaching French at the senior high school level. Each of these paths has its own core curriculum. The basic philosophy behind the curriculum design is to strengthen students’ French language skills, give them the ability to undertake independent research, and cultivate outstanding young people who possess both a solid cultural grounding and a well-rounded personality.


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